The value of tradition, the value of the product

AKU has always testified to an indissoluble bond with the Italian artisan manufacturing tradition, from which the profound production experience of its founder Gallino Bordin originates.

A fundamental value in the history of the company, which is found in the high quality of the products, designed to ensure, without compromise, the maximum functional performance in terms of comfort and durability.


Life, work, adventures in nature Our world, our inspiration

 Over time, AKU’s role in the outdoor market has increasingly become the reference brand for adventure and hiking enthusiasts, but with particular attention to the theme of the relationship between man and nature. Mountain farmers, woodcutters, naturalists, refugees, outdoor photographers. These are the natural lovers of AKU, alongside authentic mountain enthusiasts, mountain and hiking guides, mountain rescue technicians, who have always chosen AKU for its ability to combine the required technical performance with a professional product, with comfort. Typical of a shoe to enjoy your free time in contact with nature.

“We feel part of a single ecosystem, social and environmental, we feel responsible for its balance”


This short sentence summarizes the sense of AKU’s commitment. A commitment that goes beyond the simple fact of producing outdoor footwear capable of respecting the highest functional performance and which is expressed, in terms of environmental sustainability, in the constant search for innovative design solutions, aimed at containing the environmental impact, to promote the responsible use and reuse of resources, with a view to increasingly focused on the principles of the circular economy.