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Enjoy Every Season with AKU ! !  Built for Adventure, Engineered for Performance

AKU footwear isn't just for fair-weather hikes. We're your trusted companion across all terrains and seasons. 

Professional: AKU offers exceptional performance for both high-performance professionals and those in demanding work environments. Key models like the Pilgrim GTX Combat and NS 564 Spider II, available in brown and black, deliver unmatched support, durability, and weather protection for demanding environments.

Hiking: Explore further with our extensive range of hiking boots. Explore any trail with the lightweight comfort of the Trekker Lite III GTX (Wide fitting also available) or the all-weather versatility of the Tribute GTX and Slope Original GTX. Looking for more options? Check out the Alterra II GTX, Trekker Pro II GTX, and Ultra Light Original GTX for a perfect fit for your next adventure.

Backpacking: Carry your world comfortably with our top-tier backpacking boots. The SuperAlp GTX and its NBK version, alongside the Conero NBK GTX, provide exceptional load-carrying capacity and long-distance comfort, making even the most challenging treks a breeze.
Approach & Fast Hiking: Navigate technical terrain with confidence and speed. The Rock DFS Mid GTX and Rocket DFS GTX combine the agility of climbing shoes with the security of hiking boots, allowing you to move quickly and efficiently across challenging landscapes.
Mountaineering: Adventures Await! Explore new heights and tackle the tallest mountains any time of the year with Aurai and Croda mountaineering boots. Designed for peak performance, they provide exceptional warmth, are fully crampon-compatible, and built tough for rugged terrain.
Don't settle for compromise ! Choose AKU and experience the difference of Italian craftsmanship and innovative technologies.