Choosing the right footwear

AKU's advice
We like to think of an intelligent, demanding user, capable of giving the right value to quality. A user prepared for the choice because he is aware.
For this reason we want to share with you those precautions that we believe are fundamental in choosing a sports shoe.

Sports footwear is a product with a significant technical content. Despite the large amount of information disseminated by the manufacturing companies through the web and the most varied channels, the shop, especially the specialized one, remains an important point of reference. The competent staff that makes available are able to guide you towards the right choice within a vast assortment.

When purchasing a product with high added value, such as sports shoes, it is very important to devote all the necessary time and attention, also focusing on details that can make a big difference. True convenience is in fact given by the right relationship between the price and the real qualitative value of the product: it is not possible to act on impulse to understand if this correspondence exists.

The value of the product and therefore your satisfaction are absolutely linked to its specific function of use: always compare shoes from different brands, making sure that they are models designed for the same type of use. Even if today there is a strong link between lifestyles and product usage habits, it would be a mistake to compare a trekking shoe with a multi-terrain or lifestyle shoe, i.e. shoes expressly reserved for light sports or city use. Choose according to the real activity you want to practice.

In most cases this is based on the "usual measure". But the truth is that there are different needs in relation to the type of shoe. Modern good quality sports shoes are made with materials capable of guaranteeing adequate thermal insulation, protecting from the cold and allowing the right transpiration. It is therefore not necessary to use socks with excessive thicknesses, which alter the thermal characteristics of the product, slow down blood circulation and significantly modify the size of the foot inside the shoe, distorting the size parameter. By using an outdoor-specific sock, you get the right feeling of fit and therefore the right size.

Moving on the spot , a few movements with well-fitting shoes help to understand the product's comfort, weight, stability when resting on the ground and remove any doubts about the choice of size. If you have the opportunity, take a few steps up and down in the shop.

Impermeability, breathability, stability are fundamental objectives for a company engaged in the production of outdoor footwear. In the last thirty years, by experimenting with ever more sophisticated materials, it has been possible to
obtain the complete safety of use of the product in all conditions. Our leather is of European origin, treated to be absolutely water-repellent and breathable, thanks to procedures resulting from years of research in collaboration with the most qualified international laboratories, in compliance with European regulations for environmental protection. For protection from the cold, we use PRIMALOFT®, a light insulation, as warm as down, breathable and water repellent which, with its patented structure with ultra-thin microfibres, helps the body retain heat. Almost 30 years of partnership with GORE-TEX® allow us to offer the best in terms of climatic comfort on over 95% of our models. In addition, AKU uses exclusive soles designed and engineered in collaboration with Vibram® for 90% of its footwear, both in terms of tread design and the composition of the rubber compound, studied according to the specific needs of use.

The details make the difference
We can all do something for a better future. AKU has always been committed to researching design and production solutions with reduced environmental impact, safeguarding the qualitative value and technical functionality of the product. It is on the basis of this commitment that the reACT RESPONSIBLY philosophy was born , which has also become a logo whose function is to identify the actions of environmental and social commitment carried out by our company or in collaboration with our many friends in Italy and around the world.

In particular, attention is now concentrated on the front of safety and the origin of the raw material, together with the practice of regeneration and reuse of some components of the product. The use of full-grain DANI Sustainable Leather, certified chrome free, is today one of the most important objectives achieved by AKU in terms of raw material safety, guarantee of health for man and the environment. 85% of production takes place within our factories in Italy and in Romania, thus limiting the environmental impact caused by the transport of goods, with the advantage of having direct control over the goods and quality control of the product. To guarantee transparency towards users, 100% of the components of the product are also traceable and, without compromising the qualitative value of the product, we use recycled materials for some of them. In order to reduce the levels of energy consumption and emissions, we are constantly looking for greater plant efficiency and rationalization of production processes. We have also decided to support projects aimed at promoting the commitment to regain a harmonious relationship between man and the natural environment.